Dealer Gears


Angular, Typescript, Javascript, Webpack, NodeJS

Android, Gradle, Java/Kotlin, SDK 33, JDK 17, RxJava, Retrofit2, CameraX, Google ML, Google Maps APIs, Geo Location

Java, JDK 11, Spring, Spring Boot, Maven, Hibernate, REST, GraphQL, JWT, Redis, Docker, AWS (S3, RDS, C2), Postman, ZeroMQ (Websockets / Message Queuing)


LAMP stack development of invoicing/desking system for Automotive and RV Dealerships

LAMP development of CRM system and website builder for Automotive and RV Dealerships with integrated Email

LAMP development of Finance & Insurance menuing tool for Automotive Dealerships

Key Roles

Conducting on-site and remote training of dealership administrative staff

Participation and conducting of sales calls/meetings and product demonstrations

Project management and documenting of client / software needs using Asana

Cloud system design, architecture and development

Product Design, Web Design, and Development

Unit testing using Junit and Jenkins CI/CD

iOS and Android app development using Cordova and HTML5

HTML5 WAMP WebSocket server development

RESTful Web Service development for mobile apps

MySQL database design and development

Integration with 3rd party SOAP and RESTfull JSON web services

Integration of various APIs including: Stripe, Kijiji, Chrome Data, Google Maps, Facebook Open Graph