Keigan Systems


C, C++, MFC, GDI, ASP (Classic), VB, ActiveX, MTS, IIS, SQL Server, Visual Studio, Raster & Vector GIS

Key responsibilities

  • Designed, developed and tested Keigan Grid (a.k.a. MFcom) – a GIS application for creating, manipulating and visualizing raster and vector maps. The core engine was written in ANSI C with external interface through COM. The project consisted of several ActiveX controls: one for the map/grid itself (drawing was done using GDI), one for the legend, and one for print preview. There were many dialogs for configuring the map, displaying tools, and performing various spatial operations on the map data including linear and polynomial interpolation, generating shaded relief maps, performing fluid flow analysis, etc. The map had its own file format but supported many other ubiquitous raster and vector file formats such as: MapInfo, ARC/INFO, TIFF, an even PostScript and PDF.
  • Designed and developed Scorpion – an cell phone network optimization tool for RF Engineers. The tool accepted signal strength and GPS coordinate pairs as inputs. The software generated Optimal Frequency and Capacity Maximization plans from these input measurements. These data were also used for coloring geographical maps indicating areas of higher and lower value of various statistical data to assist the RF Engineers.
  • Designed, developed and maintained iCore – highly customizable knowledge management solution based on COM. Transaction support using MTS was built into the knowledge management engine.