C, FORTRAN, Matlab, Maple, SAS, Supercomputing, MPI, Real-time, OpenGL

Key responsibilities

  • Research, parallel code design, implementation, and testing
  • Supercomputing, Numerical computing/analysis, statistical analysis
  • Development of a Classical Mechanical Molecular Dynamics simulation of rigid water molecules in the C programming language. OpenGL libraries were used for visualization of the molecules as a crude method of verifying several mathematical models used for approximating Newtons equations of motion in differential form. The project successfully reproduced laboratory data of the Radial Distribution Function which describes the density of surrounding matter as a function of distance.
  • Development of a parallel Monty Carlo code for simulating phase transition phenomena in magnetic thin films. Such phenomena are important for magnetic storage media such as disk drives and floppy drives. The simulation was implemented in FORTRAN using MPI libraries and executed on the SHARCnet Beowulf Supercomputer network.